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Bend United Methodist Church

This church has history and heart, but they were missing a website. When Covid hit, like most churches, and businesses for that matter, it left people scrambling to find other ways to gather and worship. They had visitors that were not from around there but still wanted to contribute financially, so they also needed a way to take monetary gifts online.

The Plan & Result:

Bend United Methodist Church needed an online presence so members could watch the service live without being there, make their monthly tithe, and have a place for news and announcements. Though they knew they needed a website, they were not sure what that looked like. After a few meetings and coming out to take pictures, I'm proud to say I was able to give them their FIRST website with a look and feel that truly conveys their history and uniqueness. They pay for a monthly maintenance plan where we have grown the features on their website to include a blog, podcast, and scrolling news feed.

Website Features:




Online donations

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