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Kevin Shahan, CPA

Kevin's website was 12 years old. He was ready for a new look and needing to update the content on his site. Another aspect of Kevin's website that we needed to pay close attention to was his email records. There are certain regulations in his industry that we needed to make sure were in place.

The Plan & Result:

Kevin got a new, clean, professional design. We updated his content and gave him a new layout. Now his services are front and center with an easy way for customers to get in touch. We moved 'Important Tax Dates' to the Homepage to show his knowledge and service oriented approach. I added a profile picture and a family picture to make it more personal and build trust. And most important, we made sure he was in compliance with all industry email regulations.

Website Features:

New updated design & layout

Appropriate stock photos and added personal photos

Confidential MX records

Added Contact Form

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