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Tee Pee Leather Co.

TeePee Leather is a new and upcoming brand. She started selling at trade shows and was beginning to make a big splash on social media. Her business was growing and she needed a website.

The Plan & Result:

This talented lady hand drew her own logo and knew exactly the color scheme she wanted. So the plan here was to match what she had set forth, but give her a place to sell her products AND take custom orders. We accomplished this by adding the 'store' feature, but also a custom order form. We also gave her a scriber opt-in box so she can connect with her customers. She now has a place to sell her products even after the trade show closes and can easily update products and prices and maintain communication with her customers. She is taking advantage of the email marketing feature built right in to let her followers know when the next show is.

Website Features:



Subscriber Opt-in

Custom Order Form

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